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Day 2 of Toronto Snowmageddon (Icemageddon?) the sensationalist newspapers are just calling it The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because that's original.

Still no power at home. The residual heat from our Apartment Building has been holding pretty well all things considered. Boyfriend was out taking photos of the ice/damage all day while I read on the New sofa we just had delivered (thanks mom!) and then warmed up at the Starbucks down the street, which was one of the only places with Power in the morning. Like The Great Eastern Blackout of.... I can't remember and Snowmageddon '98, there's a cheerful camaraderie when these things happen.

The damage to the trees is the sad part and we were all out on the balconies yesterday watching the big old tree across the parking lot collapse under the weight of the ice. There are power lines down on our street and the bridge we live across has several downed trees.

Charged up the Ipad and we cuddled on the sofa listening to Hypnobob podcasts (HP Lovecraft audio-plays) and Night Vale. Had cheese and crackers and wine for dinner by candlelight and the slightly antisocial feral cat we raised who really does not like to be touched very much became a lapcat and was in fact burrowed between us this morning, slurping and love-biting wrists affectionately and full of purrs.

Anyway, it was Cool in the house but not COLD yet. We have plenty of water and made cold-pressed coffee which was delicious. The worse part about all this is the sponge-bath washing with chilled water. I bought streetcar tokens after bundling up, and was delighted that the streetcars are indeed working again! Despite that, it really isn't that cold outside and I ended up walking to work today not entirely sure if we'd have power and lo... Work has power. :/ Not that I mind... (pay day and Christmas bonus day!) 4 years of no central heat and Japanese Winter has prepared me to make glorious fashion statements like... Thigh High Leg warmers over my skinny jeans and knee-length over-sized sweaters. I am warm and have no shame.

The trees in the parks on the walk to work were in terrible shape. I live and work in an old part of Toronto with lots of old buildings and big old trees and it's really the sad part about things like this. Some poor couple next to me at Starbucks had their car crushed by falling branches. :/

All in all, while surviving well enough, I would really like it if my power came on today. They're saying we might not have power back until Christmas... which would kind of suck because I don't think Starbucks will be Open on Christmas day for hot drinks and warming up :/

This accurately describes everything right now


Date: 2013-12-23 09:26 pm (UTC)
onthe_threshold: (gay viking holiday)
From: [personal profile] onthe_threshold
My sister has been living in leg warmers during her time off, so I think she would approve of your fashion choice.

Stay safe, you.


Date: 2013-12-23 09:41 pm (UTC)
onthe_threshold: (gay viking holiday)
From: [personal profile] onthe_threshold
Holy shit. I haven't seen a real winter since I was a child, so I'm just... boggled and horrified.


Date: 2013-12-23 10:00 pm (UTC)
onthe_threshold: (gay viking holiday)
From: [personal profile] onthe_threshold
Yeah, I've seen pictures on the news! Insane.


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