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Day 3 of Christmas Coldmageddon :<
Came home to a cool but DARK house, creeped through the black hallways while listening to and avoiding the Noisy Drunk down the hall(who is apparently irish?)
Did fun errands like talk to my family and assure them that we are not dying and yes it really ISN'T that cold...that we have running water abit COLD water and then cleaned out the fridge and freezer because nothing could be trusted. That was really sad. :/
Realizing we had no crackers left and only a bit of cheese and a few apples, ran off the grocery store after checking the website on my phone, to find out they closed at the same time I am released from work. (Unless I sneak out early which I might do because babysitting duty is low when there's no one here) So of course Nothing is Open on Christmas.... picked up some food that would last a few days because the eta for Power being back on is the 27th now despite shipping down hydro workers from the US and Northern Canada. Given the downed powerline, I suspected we were low on priority.
But HARK when we finally decided to crawl into bed at 11, after wine and more Hypnobon podcasts, we heard The Christmas Sounds of...chainsaws in the distance. BF braved outdoors again (it was getting cold... allegedly -21) to confirm that yes, there were 3 or 4 Hydro trucks on the street near our house!

Curled up in the feather nest we built with the cat tucked between us UNDER the blankets (pft you have a fur coat!) and slept until 6am when we were awoken by the sound of the fridge coming on!!
Got up at 8:45 and the power was STILL on (although apparently it did get down to -21 because holycrap it was still cold and 3 hours of hydro did nothing!)
Plugged in the Laptop with Photoshop to get some of the images off the camera :3

Got dressed and we left for work, HOPING that the power will still be on tonight when we get home, or at least if it isn't, that the house warmed up a bit and it wont be so dreadfully cold like it was this morning...

Wont really have time to do any food shopping, but I got tasty elder flower mineral water, a few different cheeses and crackers and salami/kielbasa, we still have a bottle of wine and chocolates, and I picked up a bottle of Rice and Mushroom soup from the store near where I work. I will check by on my way home if they're open and cross my fingers they have Korean. So we'll at least have...something interesting to eat tonight and tomorrow for dinner.

I WILL kill for a hot shower though.


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