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There's something nice about being a solitary figure. People watching is easy. You can follow them for a mile, a step behind them or a step beside them and watch as they interact with the world around them. And you don't have to talk to them, or pretend and when you've lost interest you don't have to make up fake excuses to distance yourself.
Anna likes that best of all. She's tired of fake smiles and fake people.

When she needs conversation there's Phil or Allison or even Tori or Wade, but lately she hasn't needed conversation. Perhaps that's part of being a ghost... not needing people anymore.
The holidays are a busy time for people like her. Suicides always spike on major holidays, and she's drawn to their deaths more than any other kind. It is perhaps because that was how she died and some sort of lingering resonation in the magic that locked her soul here or synchronicity seems like it might be possible.

She's numb to the sadness of it all though. Perhaps she has to be.
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"To die is nothing; but it is terrible not to live." – Victor Hugo

Wade eats something she picked out, and she has a faded echo taste of it. Something crisp... crunchy and cool. Something citrus... or salty. Chocolate...

He follows it with coffee, because she had requested coffee, and he's trying to help make things bearable. He gets the dark roast with whole milk and no sugar... He's trying to make it bearable for her. Trying to let her experience little things. He's melting the endges of his soul and letting her blend her own blurry existence with his. He's helping graft their souls... blend their thought and feeling.

He's been good to her. Done right by her and it makes her cling to him... makes their souls a little more tangled.

The downside is that... she's still just a reflection in his mind. A voice in his head asking nicely if they can have mango today, or the raspberry vinaigrette.

The downside is being bored. Watching the world through his eyes, watching people react to his crazy. He's the only one who knows she's still here and living... there's no living without people.
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Prompt: Howl

There's a freedom in accepting what you are, and a thrill in revelling in it. There's a confidence like an iron rod drilled right into the spine that makes you stand up, shoulders square and look people in the eyes. No more shame or apologies. No more being broken and weak.

"Cut your hand. Bleed into the glass. Vodka, no ice. ...Forget everything."

A little mental nudge of persuasion with her smile. It's so easy now.

No one is hurt, everyone goes home satisfied, and Anna can walk through the crowded club with a drink, feeling like living forever isn't going to be such a bad thing any more.
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Matthew was drugged--no doubt to keep him from dissolving into mist and simply escaping--but he recognized her as soon as she stepped into the room. She hadn't changed at all in the nine years they had been apart, and he hadn't changed either. There was a moment she thought he might have been trying to get in her head the way Dracula had. To use her to some end... learn something about the ones who held him captive, but she was wearing Selene’s amulet. It was possible too he was just staring intently, not having expected her to walk in the door, and making a decision.


He’d always called her that, even if she preferred ‘Anna’. There was a vague hypocrisy there that she was suddenly aware of, having learned his name probably wasn't Matthew.

“Enough. Remove her from my sight.”

He didn't have to manipulate her mind. The venom and disgust in the way he said it made her turn and leave, pushing past Selene and the Death Dealers set to guard them.


Aug. 12th, 2013 01:51 pm
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It's been a long time since Anna worked in photoshop. She'd paid her rent for nearly five years making comp cards and retouching photos for the amateurs trying to break into the modeling world. Photographers were arrogant lazy and usually willing to pay since she didn't make a play for any shared rights on the photos. The models were a little more desperate, knowing their window for success was limited. Anna took pity on them and she became something of a go-to.
She finds the routine of dodge and burn, clone, crop, copy to be oddly relaxing. Painting is her love but today, this is so much more satisfying. There's no pretense, interpretation or spin on what's being sold and commoditized.

Most of them never made it into the industry of course--that was a jealously guarded, privileged world. The photographers settled for doing actor headshots, family portraits, stock-photo and renting their studios to other ambitious and bright-eyed younger colleagues who thought they could break into the cabal and were still fooled by Vogue's website submission. They didn't respect Anna's skills, but they paid her for them anyway, and offered excuses as to why they needed them at all when they were artists when people asked.

The models were considered burned out at twenty five.... thirty if they were lucky, and usually ended up in debt, but the smart ones gave up the Industry dream if they hadn't made it by twenty and found the alternative and glamour markets. The smart ones realized it was an incestuous cabal of old men who had no reason to change and no desire to. The alternative markets could be just as cruel... but it was far more diverse, and Anna liked the people better.

Lately though, she didn't spend time there. She didn't go to badly lit burlesque shows or wander past the alleys with street artists. She found herself meeting and exchanging business cards with the Industry people she disliked so much, and smiling at their bad jokes, while they assumed she was too stupid to know how their industry worked. She thought about killing them sometimes, and for a while while wetting her lips on a drink, she'd smile at the thought of their blood on the floor. All of the fake drinks, and talk about galleries and shows judged by the same traditional standards, the 'legitimate' art... she found herself missing the old world.

She was tired when she came home, but instead of curling up, she settled down in the living room and opened up the laptop, checking her old email and opening up a badly photographed model too short or fat to ever succeed in the modeling world and she set to work, polishing the image with every trick she knew.
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The girl in the bathtub had been classically pretty. A heart-shaped face, full, cupid-bow lips and large blue eyes. She was dead now, and had been for a few hours. Her body was cold, cooling faster in the tepid bathwater than it would have on its own.

Anna was cold too, curled in misery on the cold tiles, smeared with her own blood. Every so often she would move, try to get herself over to the sink or toilet and vomit another mouthful.
She hadn't tasted the disease. Usually one small taste was enough... a drop of blood from a razor cut or gentle knick to a finger with one of her fangs. But the dead girl in the bathtub had been drinking, and it had been a long day. Anna had wanted to indulge. A pretty girl, a hot bath and alcohol infused blood.

It was probably hepatitis. Anna didn't care what it was right now. What had started as a fun night was now simple, pure misery. She didn't even try to reach the sink when the next wave of sickness passed through her. She just curled away, smeared in the tainted blood and hoped that it would pass soon.


Jun. 10th, 2013 11:28 pm
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Everything to do with food had become torture. Blogs, people's review of restaurants, food photography and worse of all, walking down the street and smelling fried chicken or fresh baked bread... Anna still remembered what all of her old favourites tasted like. The sharp sour taste of a good cheesecake or rich velvet of chocolate cake... But what troubled her, was forgetting. Watching people's reactions to their good or reading She couldn't remember the taste of fresh rye bread no matter how much she tried.

Even the smallest amounts of solid food made her sick now and there was a limit to what you could put in the blender and still have it taste as it should. Fruit was one of her few food indulgences now. Her intolerance for food was getting stronger the older she got, and would continue to do so. Matthias had warned her about that before he had left. When she had been a new Vampire, she'd been able to stomach things like yoghurt and applesauce... even over-cooked pasta and melted cheese. But those had been the first things her body had rejected, leaving her retching her stomach empty and too sick to stand for days. That had happened a year after she had become a Vampire, and Matthias had warned her it was coming. She knew now, and believed him, that it was only a matter of time until she lost the ability to stomach fruit. Matthias had never revealed just how old he was, but he told her that if she survived, after she passed a hundred, she might only barely be able to keep down clear broth-like liquids, and after two hundred, even alcohol would cause sickness... Anna knew he was older than two hundred because in ten years,she had only ever seen him sip gingerly at water.

"The craving for their blood" he had told her more than once, usually in a soothing tone that comforted her, "Never goes away. Never lessens."

She didn't know if dealing with the bloodlust would be better or worse if she could actually eat something else. Would it help emotionally to enjoy the crispness and texture of an apple or a proper meal on a date? Or would it make drinking blood even more torture, knowing there was no real satisfaction from food? She thought about these things, and cried sometimes just in frustration. She would drink tea and sometimes decide it was comforting, sometimes decide it wasn't, although the warmth certainly was.


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