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Headsup that posts/replies are going to be slow if at all over the weekend. Late night in the studio tonight, tomorrow afternoon and probably most of the day Sunday.

As the new saying in studio goes.. SET LIFE FOREVER. Mostly because we just never leave anymore. T_T
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I'm doing Toronto Fashion Week this year so my already irregular replies / "I haven't replied to this in forever I may as well just drop it" comments/threads are going to be even more random/sporadic. :/
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If anyone needs replies this weekend, I am on set tomorrow until noon, Sunday depending on the weather, Monday and Tuesday... with call times of 4am so....

I will reply just not in my usual prompt manner. Also perhaps slightly incoherently due to lack of sleep. Plz be patient.
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Oh hey I'm fancypants guest this weekend at this local thing and may only be on late because I'm obligated to socialize...

Forgive me for neglect/slowness. Being popular hurts :/ Also my husband is being popular and I need to hold his stuff.....
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I'm MIA tomorrow last day of FAT, http://fashionarttoronto.ca/ and working on a print submission for sunday... so. If I owe you replies or shit... wait longer please. T_T

If you're super impatient, check out one of my friend's new collection that debuted last night:



Mar. 26th, 2014 08:48 pm
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So. That old roll something down the hill and watch it snowball thing is true. I'm not going to go into details or specifics but after a couple years of coasting, I'm about to start rolling. Fancy new certifications wont hurt, one way or another. I'll know Friday what I'm going to do. Two phone calls to make and then...Life starts on Saturday if it goes where I think it's going...

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an animating principle of the mind,
The pre-Germanic form was *ghoisdo-s, apparently from a root denoting "fury, anger"

"soul", "spirit", "vital principle", "mind" or "psyche", the seat of feeling, thought and moral judgement

Someone haunted, died tragically or suffered trauma in life

Poltergeist: literally a "noisy ghost", for a spirit said to manifest itself by invisibly moving and influencing objects.
A revenant is a deceased person returning from the dead to haunt the living,

In many traditional accounts, ghosts were often thought to be deceased people looking for vengeance (vengeful ghosts)

The concept of a vengeful ghost.

the ghosts roam the world of the living as restless spirits, seeking to have their grievances redressed, and return to the world of the dead after justice is done, but in some cases remain unappeased.

Mostly female, said to be women that were unjustly treated and died in despair.

Rusalka - people who die violently and before their time

[W]illies - Cursed spirits of women who had been frivolous in their lifetimes, will never meet their true love. If they do, they are cursed to die.. must disappear at the break of dawn. Vilas are said to be able to bring upon storms and other weather. Offerings for Vila consist of round cakes, ribbons, fresh fruits, and vegetables or flowers left at sacred sites

Egypt: ability to assist or harm the living,
Classical world: appeared in the form of vapor or smoke,
The ancient Romans believed a ghost could be used to exact revenge on an enemy by scratching a curse on a piece of lead or pottery and placing it into a grave

Ghosts reported in medieval Europe tended to fall into two categories: the souls of the dead, or demons. The souls of the dead returned for a specific purpose. Demonic ghosts were those which existed only to torment or tempt the living. The living could tell them apart by demanding their purpose in the name of Jesus Christ. The soul of a dead person would divulge their mission, while a demonic ghost would be banished at the sound of the Holy Name.

Often they were described as paler and sadder versions of the person they had been while alive

Ghosts can stem from the excessive grief of the living, whose mourning interferes with the dead's peaceful rest

an alternative strategy for social interaction is to present oneself as an absence, as a social ghost - “One reaches out for us but gets no hold of us"

Nick Harkaway considered that we all carry a host of ghosts in our heads, in the form of impressions of past acquaintances – ghosts that represent our maps of other people in the world

Ghost in the Shell- Birth of an intelligence from information. A Ghost.


Monarch Butterflies / Mexican Day of the Dead
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Where do we go when we sleep? Not humans. Humans go into themselves.
Ghosts are pure self. Fragments of memory held together by emotion. And when we sleep, we are carried by cold black winds, tumbling through the dreams of the living. A sudden bubble of shame, a pinch of irrational fear or sob of joy that comes from some long forgotten memory of childhood.
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Day 3 of Christmas Coldmageddon :<
Came home to a cool but DARK house, creeped through the black hallways while listening to and avoiding the Noisy Drunk down the hall(who is apparently irish?)
Did fun errands like talk to my family and assure them that we are not dying and yes it really ISN'T that cold...that we have running water abit COLD water and then cleaned out the fridge and freezer because nothing could be trusted. That was really sad. :/
Realizing we had no crackers left and only a bit of cheese and a few apples, ran off the grocery store after checking the website on my phone, to find out they closed at the same time I am released from work. (Unless I sneak out early which I might do because babysitting duty is low when there's no one here) So of course Nothing is Open on Christmas.... picked up some food that would last a few days because the eta for Power being back on is the 27th now despite shipping down hydro workers from the US and Northern Canada. Given the downed powerline, I suspected we were low on priority.
But HARK when we finally decided to crawl into bed at 11, after wine and more Hypnobon podcasts, we heard The Christmas Sounds of...chainsaws in the distance. BF braved outdoors again (it was getting cold... allegedly -21) to confirm that yes, there were 3 or 4 Hydro trucks on the street near our house!

Curled up in the feather nest we built with the cat tucked between us UNDER the blankets (pft you have a fur coat!) and slept until 6am when we were awoken by the sound of the fridge coming on!!
Got up at 8:45 and the power was STILL on (although apparently it did get down to -21 because holycrap it was still cold and 3 hours of hydro did nothing!)
Plugged in the Laptop with Photoshop to get some of the images off the camera :3

Got dressed and we left for work, HOPING that the power will still be on tonight when we get home, or at least if it isn't, that the house warmed up a bit and it wont be so dreadfully cold like it was this morning...

Wont really have time to do any food shopping, but I got tasty elder flower mineral water, a few different cheeses and crackers and salami/kielbasa, we still have a bottle of wine and chocolates, and I picked up a bottle of Rice and Mushroom soup from the store near where I work. I will check by on my way home if they're open and cross my fingers they have Korean. So we'll at least have...something interesting to eat tonight and tomorrow for dinner.

I WILL kill for a hot shower though.
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Day 2 of Toronto Snowmageddon (Icemageddon?) the sensationalist newspapers are just calling it The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because that's original.

Still no power at home. The residual heat from our Apartment Building has been holding pretty well all things considered. Boyfriend was out taking photos of the ice/damage all day while I read on the New sofa we just had delivered (thanks mom!) and then warmed up at the Starbucks down the street, which was one of the only places with Power in the morning. Like The Great Eastern Blackout of.... I can't remember and Snowmageddon '98, there's a cheerful camaraderie when these things happen.

The damage to the trees is the sad part and we were all out on the balconies yesterday watching the big old tree across the parking lot collapse under the weight of the ice. There are power lines down on our street and the bridge we live across has several downed trees.

Charged up the Ipad and we cuddled on the sofa listening to Hypnobob podcasts (HP Lovecraft audio-plays) and Night Vale. Had cheese and crackers and wine for dinner by candlelight and the slightly antisocial feral cat we raised who really does not like to be touched very much became a lapcat and was in fact burrowed between us this morning, slurping and love-biting wrists affectionately and full of purrs.

Anyway, it was Cool in the house but not COLD yet. We have plenty of water and made cold-pressed coffee which was delicious. The worse part about all this is the sponge-bath washing with chilled water. I bought streetcar tokens after bundling up, and was delighted that the streetcars are indeed working again! Despite that, it really isn't that cold outside and I ended up walking to work today not entirely sure if we'd have power and lo... Work has power. :/ Not that I mind... (pay day and Christmas bonus day!) 4 years of no central heat and Japanese Winter has prepared me to make glorious fashion statements like... Thigh High Leg warmers over my skinny jeans and knee-length over-sized sweaters. I am warm and have no shame.

The trees in the parks on the walk to work were in terrible shape. I live and work in an old part of Toronto with lots of old buildings and big old trees and it's really the sad part about things like this. Some poor couple next to me at Starbucks had their car crushed by falling branches. :/

All in all, while surviving well enough, I would really like it if my power came on today. They're saying we might not have power back until Christmas... which would kind of suck because I don't think Starbucks will be Open on Christmas day for hot drinks and warming up :/

This accurately describes everything right now
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THERE'S NO HEAT/HYDRO/POWER and may not be until *christmas day* before get it back (although the major intersection has shops that work and a few streets away the condos have power....) So if you don't see me, I may or may not be cooped up in a Starbucks trying not to hog their power outlets/wifi and freeze.
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There's something nice about being a solitary figure. People watching is easy. You can follow them for a mile, a step behind them or a step beside them and watch as they interact with the world around them. And you don't have to talk to them, or pretend and when you've lost interest you don't have to make up fake excuses to distance yourself.
Anna likes that best of all. She's tired of fake smiles and fake people.

When she needs conversation there's Phil or Allison or even Tori or Wade, but lately she hasn't needed conversation. Perhaps that's part of being a ghost... not needing people anymore.
The holidays are a busy time for people like her. Suicides always spike on major holidays, and she's drawn to their deaths more than any other kind. It is perhaps because that was how she died and some sort of lingering resonation in the magic that locked her soul here or synchronicity seems like it might be possible.

She's numb to the sadness of it all though. Perhaps she has to be.
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Work is kicking my ass right now and Saturday is going to be sink or swim so. If you don't hear from me, I am quietly freaking out irl and will be back after the crazy is done... (Sunday? IDEK...)

Icon currently expresses my crazy state of frantic activity. That or the Duck Hat icon. Some combination of OHGODYES and I AM TOO DELIRIOUS FROM LACK OF SLEEP TO CARE ANYMORE
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"To die is nothing; but it is terrible not to live." – Victor Hugo

Wade eats something she picked out, and she has a faded echo taste of it. Something crisp... crunchy and cool. Something citrus... or salty. Chocolate...

He follows it with coffee, because she had requested coffee, and he's trying to help make things bearable. He gets the dark roast with whole milk and no sugar... He's trying to make it bearable for her. Trying to let her experience little things. He's melting the endges of his soul and letting her blend her own blurry existence with his. He's helping graft their souls... blend their thought and feeling.

He's been good to her. Done right by her and it makes her cling to him... makes their souls a little more tangled.

The downside is that... she's still just a reflection in his mind. A voice in his head asking nicely if they can have mango today, or the raspberry vinaigrette.

The downside is being bored. Watching the world through his eyes, watching people react to his crazy. He's the only one who knows she's still here and living... there's no living without people.
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The nice thing about mind control is that no one runs when you tear them open. The bar's long closed... Everyone has left except the two bartenders who stayed to clean up...

She'd picked them because they were pretty, and this was a classy place and it played nice music.

Three drinks in, Anna realized one had bled out was cold on the floor. It was annoying, but besides that, didn't care. She was far too numb to care about consequences and too lost to have paid attention to how much blood she was mixing with the alcohol.

That was, she supposed, the other nice thing about mind control. They would walk and smile and pet her hair gently and say the things she wanted to hear until they literally collapsed from blood loss.

She was being more careful with the second one, eyeing the wound and making sure not to take too much, too fast.

This mess wasn't going to clean itself up after-all.


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